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Twylite - Twylite Knight had always thought of herself as a cut above the other girls who attend her New Orleans Catholic school. She made excellent grades, had an angelic singing voice, and had an older boyfriend who drove her around in his fancy car and showered her with gifts. Yet her family sees Peanut for what he really is an abusive manipulative criminal who would bring their daughter nothing but trouble.

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Some Wounds Never Heal

Through the years, Dr. Alexis White has had to learn some tough lessons, most of which started in college when she nearly broke up Andrea and Christopher's marriage. Her affair with Christopher didn't kill the marriage, but it did cause her to have an abortion she can't forgive herself for, as well as lose the one man who loved her most. Although she knows many of her wounds are self-inflicted, life does go on.

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Putting It Back Together

Alexis White just wants to help put things back together. As a pediatrician, she returns to her beloved city of New Orleans to treat children affected by Hurricane Katrina. Although the financial rewards are small, she is glad to be home, in a place where she can restore her soul and hopefully mend her broken heart. After recently ending an engagement, Alexis secretly wonders how her life would have turned out if she had married Reggie, her first love.

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A Dead Rose

A Dead Rose is told from the perspective of Isis Reynolds, a young, successful woman who is unsuccessful in love. She has great friends, a wonderful job, and a loving family, but she can't seem to find that special someone. What's worse, in her quest for love, she's developed a reputation that has prevented many men from taking her seriously, and has caused many women to loathe her. She constantly receives evil looks, and seems to always hook up with men who want only one thing' sex.

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Cheatin' In The Next Room

Christopher and Andrea Lee seemed to have a strong, unshakable marriage. They were happy surrounded by friends, and even happier with each other. Christopher is a sports writer for a major Virginia newspaper and Andrea is a popular high school English teacher. The only thing stronger than the Lees' marriage was Andrea's bond with her lifelong friend, Brenda. Soon all bonds are tested when Christopher meets Brenda's cousin, Alexis, who visits during the Christmas holidays.

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Some may feel that romance or fiction writing isn't necessarily serious writing. I beg to differ.

Rhonda M. Lawson