Some Wounds Never Heal

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Through the years, Dr. Alexis White has had to learn some tough lessons, most of which started in college when she nearly broke up Andrea and Christopher’s marriage.  Her affair with Christopher didn’t kill the marriage, but it did cause her to have an abortion she can’t forgive herself for, as well as lose the one man who loved her most.  Although she knows many of her wounds are self-inflicted, life does go on.  More than a decade later, she’s rebuilt her life and has started a successful medical practice.  Although Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc through her beloved city of New Orleans, she’s moved on and is now engaged to streetwise and successful attorney Jamar Duplessis.  Everything seems to be on track until Hurricane Gustav rears its ugly head.  Again, Alexis finds herself packing up and fleeing another storm.  Only this time, she flees right into the eye of yet another storm when she ends up in Virginia Beach, the scene of her original transgressions.    Alexis and Jamar soon learn that time doesn’t heal all wounds.  Someone is definitely out for revenge, but who?  Is it Andrea?  Christopher? Or maybe it’s Alexis’s former archrival Nikki.  And will Alexis survive facing the demons she thought she slayed years ago?  This is a story of family, friendship and forgiveness that proves although time passes, Some Wounds Never Heal.

I love a book that is drama-filled, but not over-the-top; character driven but not so many characters that I cannot keep one straight from the next. Some Wounds Never Heal by Rhonda M. Lawson is an example of these two wonderful traits of high quality writing. There was a little mystery adding to the already tense storyline, which was an added bonus. The message of admitting and accepting, apologizing and forgiving, and understanding that we all make mistakes could be found throughout Ms. Lawson’s writing.
– Jennifer Coissiere, APOO Books

Lawson delivers a page-turner with the third installment to the Alexis White series. From catfights, to malicious plots, every moment is filled with dramatic highs and emotional lows. Well-written, the book contains unpredictable twists and turns that should keep readers on their toes and begging for more. As the title suggests, do old wounds ever heal? Or will an unwillingness to forgive, resentment, and lies tear friendships and lovers apart? Read the book to find out!
– Dr. D’Andrea Wilson, Author, Wife 101