Cheatin' In The Next Room

What am I going to wear for this thing?" Andrea asked herself as she rifled through her closet. It seemed that every outfit she owned was either too plain or too revealing. Not that revealing was a bad thing, but she thought Christopher would trip if she even considered wearing a plunging neckline or a mini dress to a party that his brother Byron would be attending.

Christopher introduced her to Byron after their first date, and, like many of the guys who met Andrea, he developed an instant attraction to her. Byron never tried to pursue his attraction, but Christopher didn't trust any man -- including his own brother -- around Andrea. To him, she was too nice for her own good; she didn't know how to discourage men.

In college, she was even known to give men her telephone number because she couldn't think of any other way to get rid of them. He knew he had to put a stop to that, so right before graduation, he proposed. He wasn't sure if he was ready, but he knew he couldn't risk losing her. He never discussed it with Andrea because he knew she would never understand. All he knew was he loved her and he would do whatever it took to suppress any player he had left in him to keep her. Shortly after graduation, they married.

"Baby, are you about -- why are you still in your robe?" Christopher asked as he stuck his head into the bedroom. He had just picked up Byron. A faulty starter had grounded Byron's forest green Honda Accord, and it wouldn't be fixed until tomorrow.

"Chris, I don't know what to wear," she moaned apologetically. "All my nice dresses are too revealing, and everything else looks too plain."

"Girl, wear what you want," Christopher said, sucking his teeth.

"You sure?"

"Wear that black one. Your body is slammin' in it!"

"Okay." Andrea shrugged as she pulled out a form -- fitting, strapless, velvet dress with a sweetheart neckline. As she slipped it on, she felt the material hug her comfortably at the hips and fall just barely over her knees. She then inspected herself in their full-length mirror and frowned.

"Maybe this is too dressy to wear at home."

Christopher shook his head slowly. His wife went through this ritual every time they had something to do.

"Girl, just put something on. Just remember that you're the hostess as well as my wife, so you have to represent the Lee family right."