The Essence of a Lady


The essence of a lady isn’t in the way she wears her hair, or the clothes she wears

It isn’t how loudly she shouts or how effectively she pouts

It isn’t about the amount of men she pulls or how hard she rules.

It isn’t about how often she’s called fine, sexy, thick or bad

Or how much thigh her skirt displays, or how much breast she shows, a lot or just a tad

Yet if we don’t talk to our young girls

If we don’t counteract the isms of the world

They will become lost in a lack of self esteem

And fall victim to the challenges the opposition may bring

You see, I know because I could have been that girl who felt she was nothing more

Than what people thought of her:




A whore

But thank God He took my hand and helped me rise above

Those terrible words and showed me I deserved to be loved

Not just by men, but also by me

Because I’m a queen, a lady, God’s child. You see?

I found that I didn’t need to wait for affirmation from anyone

Because I knew who I was: a child of the Son!

That is the true essence of a lady

She demands respect and awe when she walks into any place

Because her confidence and smile just light up her face.

She will not stand to be called anything but the name her mother gave her.

If you can’t respect that, then brother I’ll see you later.

She bridles her tongue when she gives you the business,

Yet will encourage and comfort you with word or kiss.

If she’s wrong, she’ll tell you.

But if she’s right, she won’t tell you “I told you so.”

She is the muse of Lionel, Babyface and Raheem

She’s beautiful. She is a lady. She is a queen.