Some Wounds Never Heal

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"Dėja-damned-vous," Alexis mumbled, laying her head against the car window.

She and her fiancė Jamar had been travelling up Interstate 85 for the past hour, and the trip had grown old quickly. Her head hurt, she was tired of hearing the music on her Ipod, and the constant view of trees, road and sky would soon make her sick to her stomach. She wasn't car sick. She just couldn't bear the thought of fleeing yet another hurricane.

"Why couldn't we have just stopped in Atlanta?" she mumbled again.

Jamar cut his eyes at her, not knowing whether to laugh or get angry. She'd been in this mood since they left New Orleans seven hours ago. With more than twelve hours left in the trip, he wasn't sure how much longer he could put up with it. "Woman, how long are you going to pout?"

"Until you explain to me why we had to drive all the way to Virginia Beach when we would have been perfectly safe in Atlanta or even South Carolina," she snapped without looking his way.

Jamar held back a laugh. "How many people do you know in South Carolina?"

"Nobody, but it would have been a hell of a lot better than going to fuckin' Virginia Beach."

"I thought you said you were going to stop cursing?"

"Shut up!" she snapped again, staring angrily out of the window.

Jamar sighed, running his fingers through Alexis's long hair. "I know you have some bad memories there, but that was back when you were in college. I told you I'm not gonna let you dwell on that. We're going there because my boy is letting us use his timeshare there so we can make this a vacation. On top of that, your cousin will be there, so you won't be on your own."

Alexis continued staring out of the window, digesting everything her fiancė said. They'd been through all of this before. She understood why they were going, but she couldn't bear the thought of facing the memory of her affair with Christopher thirteen years ago. She hadn't laid eyes on him or his wife Andrea since she left Virginia Beach, and she wasn't looking forward to seeing them again. What if they took one look at her and tried to go to war?

The fact that her cousin Brenda was also headed to Virginia Beach didn't lend her much solace. After all, Brenda was still Andrea's best friend. Even though Brenda vowed to not let the past rule their present, the drama would be there no matter what. She'd try hard not to let them fight, but even Saint Brenda couldn't rule everyone's thoughts.

Alexis really hoped everyone had gotten over the affair. She certainly had. Although she'd had her own losses due to the affair, she'd grown in many other ways. Her private practice was booming, she was well-known throughout the city, and her fiancė was a successful attorney. A couple of weeks of sex when she was in college couldn't outweigh any of that, could it?

It shouldn't, but who was to say that Christopher and Andrea had gotten over the affair? She wasn't so worried about Christopher. After all, it takes two to tango, and he made the choice to sleep with her behind his wife's back. He'd be a fool to try to blame everything on Alexis.

But Andrea was a different story. She wisely blamed them both for the affair, but she'd never had the opportunity to give Alexis a piece of her mind. Brenda wouldn't allow it. Now that Alexis was coming back, would she take that opportunity? There was little chance that she wasn't thinking about it. Andrea was from New Orleans. And Alexis knew better than most that a woman from New Orleans never forgets.